About Reading Farm

Program Structure

  1. The program is composed of the latest version of “Leveled Readers” of ‘‘Journeys’’ and ‘‘Storytown’’, which are Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s most famous textbooks.
  2. Students can practice their reading and comprehension with carefully selected books for each level.
  3. Vocabulary and expressive abilities can be improved by reading a variety of fun books on different topics and genres including not only literature, but also social studies, science, and math.
  4. Finding and improving weaknesses is possible through the Reading History Management System, where an analysis of the results of the Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening Comprehension can be found.

Learning Process

  1. Level Test

    YBM Reading Farm’s Level Test Program is built based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s carefully selected books designed to provide a perfectly customized learning experience for the student, and test the student according to the standards of accredited reading indexes such as Guided Reading Level and DRA. A detailed analysis is conducted of the candidate’s answers to enable the students to read and study books that are appropriate to their level.

  2. Reading Farm (Let’s Read)

    The program is composed of the latest version of “Leveled Reader” of ‘‘Journeys’’ and ‘‘Storytown’’, which are Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s most famous textbooks.

    Higher level of vocabulary and expressiveness can be reached through diverse and fun books in different subjects including Litera ture, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

    The program is designed to improve reading skills through exten sive reading of books carefully selected for each level.

    YBM-All in All Dictionary is provided to make it easy for students to look up new vocabulary, and enable them to study 100% on their own.

  1. Vocabulary Study

    The YBM Reading Farm’s Vocabulary Study Program was developed to maximize students’ interest and learning results through fun illustrat ions and new types of quizzes, so that they can learn vocabulary and important expressions that are actually used with high frequency by students in the U.S.

  2. Online Book Study

    After reading the book, students are able to check how well they have studied the materials through the Vocabulary Quiz, Reading Compre hension, and Listening Comprehension sections, which break down the contents of the book according to the student’s level. In addition, interesting tures and creative questions help them review the book in a fun way, all of which provides ents with a personalized learning experience.

Management process

  1. Reading History Management System

    Current progress can be tracked through a progress report which in cludes completed books, books in progress, and average weekly reading statistics.

    Students can search for books, which are classified based on accredited reading indexes such as Guided Reading Level and DRA. Students can also track their reading history for themselves.

  2. My Vocabulary List

    Vocabulary words for books that have been studied can be easily accessed by book title, so students can easily review them by themselves.

    The service provided enables students to study vocabulary in their own ways by printing a list at any time.

  1. Score Results Chart

    There are three Score Results Charts provided: level test results, scores for each book, and cumulative scores by level. An accurate and detailed analysis shows at a glance the strengths and weaknesses for each section and each question.

  2. My Space

    My Space is a motivation system developed with the aim of helping students develop an interest in reading and studying on their own. Using e-points accumulated through reading or studying, students can purchase avatars and clothing items for their avatars so that they can have their own personalized avatars.

LMS Study Manager Site

  1. LMS Study Manager Site

    Groups such as schools or academies using the YBM Reading Farm Service are issued an LMS Study Manager Site. Through this site, reading histories and score reports of all members can be reviewed so that reading classes can be run and managed more efficiently.